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Zelnorm (Tegaserod)

The dieting equation is simple: food = energy. And the energy you don’t use, your body puts away as fat.
Our survey shows that only half the population exercises vigorously at least once a week for 20 minutes.
Dr. Bernard Gutin, of New York’s Teacher’s College, calls exercise the key to lifelong weight control. “People who take up vigorous exercise,” he says, “lose weight without even trying to control their food intake.” Exercise not only burns up calories, it also cuts your appetite, changes your self-image from a fat to a thin person, improves the condition of your heart and lungs, and changes the way your body burns food.
Unfortunately, when you cut down your food intake, your body burns calories more slowly, as if to hoard the fat that is already stored. That’s why dieters find it hard to diet for long periods. Since the body uses less energy during a diet, the dieters have to eat less and less to lose the same amount as they did earlier in their weight loss program.
Exercise speeds up your body’s chemistry and counteracts the slowdown. So even though jogging for 10 minutes uses up fewer calories than those in a slice of bread, its impact on the way your body handles calories is greater.
Most obese people shy away from exercise. They drop out of exercise programs faster than thin people. Half of the overweight people who exercise stop within a year. Parade’s survey found exercisers among only a quarter of the people over 65, the nation’s most overweight group.
If you are so inclined:
• Pick an exercise that’s fun.
• Exercise with other people. Use the buddy system; it’s harder to disappoint a friend than to get outside on a gray morning. (I rarely miss a tennis date, but it was easy to stay in bed longer when I was not pledged to play.)
• Start slowly, and never exercise to the point of pain.

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