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Ortho Cept

Your appetite
As well as releasing the feel-good endorphins exercise stimulates other brain chemicals. Corticotropin releasing factor (CRF), for instance, suppresses appetite so that after exercise you simply don’t want to stuff yourself with food even though you have used up plenty of calories. Even after this effect wears off, the kind of food your body demands is very different. Another brain chemical released by regular exercise is neuropeptide. This is the neurotransmitter that increases our need for carbohydrates – it ‘tells’ our body what kind of fuel it needs. Carbohydrates are the body’s prime source of energy. Fat and, to a lesser degree, protein, give us energy too. But the main source should be carbohydrates, the starchy foods, like rice, potatoes, wheat, rye and oats, which should ideally make up about half our calorie intake. So when we exercise, which uses up energy, our bodies release brain chemicals which make us eat more of the foods that give us more energy. It’s a very clever system that demonstrates yet again how our bodies, given the chance, will find the right balance.
Your love life
When we are full of energy and vitality, we are much more interested in sex. You may feel you are just too tired to have sex. But by actually doing exercises that require effort and energy in the first place, you will end up feeling much more energized. You know how your interest in sex can perk up when you are holiday? There are no pressures, you are more relaxed and you also have more energy. Why wait for this to happen perhaps once a year? Get yourself fit and active and enjoy making love.
Exercises like swimming and cycling which promote the blood supply to the vaginal area can help with vaginal dryness. Special exercises developed by Dr Arnold Kegel in the 1940s can also make sex more enjoyable by increasing the strength of your vaginal sensations. They counteract vaginal dryness because they stimulate the blood supply. And they strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area which helps with stress incontinence (‘leaking’ small amounts of urine when you laugh or sneeze).
These are some of the simplest exercises to do. First of all try stopping your urine flow in midstream by finding and using the relevant vaginal muscles. Once you have located these muscles, you can exercise them by just contracting them whenever you think of doing it. Draw the muscles up for a count of five and then relax. Repeat this about ten times. You can also use these muscles while actually having intercourse: squeeze your partner’s penis just by contracting them.
I found that these exercises really helped me. After the birth of my third child, who was a fairly large 4.3kg (9lb 9oz), I suspected a vaginal prolapse which then seemed to rectify itself. A couple of years later I had the dragging feeling again, and consulted my GP. He confirmed that I had a slight prolapse and told me to come back for treatment when it had got worse. I found this rather unhelpful. My objective was not to let it get any worse, in case it reached the point where I might have to have a hysterectomy. So, deciding to practice what I preach, I looked for some alternatives. I went to see an acupuncturist, took herbs and food supplements and did the Kegel exercises. Ten years later I still feel fine. It could be argued that perhaps the herbs on their own would have worked, or just the acupuncture and that it was nothing to do with the exercises. Perhaps. Whether it was one of those or a combination of all three, it worked.
There are other exercises that help keep the circulation going and enhance your sex life.

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