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Gyne-Lotrimin (Clotrimazole Vaginal)

Other names: Mycelex-G
That most diets fail in the long run is a fact, but why they do continues to be a subject of controversy.
The “set-point” theory is one of the most widely accepted today. It holds that fatness is caused by the setting of an area in the hypothalamus (part of the brain), sometimes referred to as an appestat, which controls your appetite for food. Obviously, everyone’s appestat is not on the same setting.
You can stay trimmer by moving more than by eating less!
According to recent research, the amount of fat cells you have, which were acquired at birth, craves more fat when the stores in these cells fall below a certain level. (The notion – popular a few years ago – that overfed infants would produce extra fat cells, has now been rejected by most scientists, who feel that heredity is the major determinant.)
Glycerol, which is bound and released according to the fat content of a cell, along with the blood level of insulin, informs the brain of the body’s fat reserves and sets your appestat accordingly. Great in theory, but, unfortunately, external influences can also affect your body’s appestat. The aroma and taste of delectable food, for instance, can raise your appestat. Certain drugs, such as amphetamines – and the nicotine in cigarettes – can lower your appestat. But once the pills or cigarettes are discontinued, your appestat goes right back up to where it was – and the weight returns.
Frustrating? You bet it is. But success is still attainable. The good news is that regular exercise and effective physical conditioning can lower your appestat! In other words, you can stay trimmer by moving more than by eating less. Instead of the temporary and potentially dangerous weight loss you get with pills or cigarettes, you can safely drop pounds, keep them off, and – with the right exercises and nutrients – become physically fit at the same time!

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