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There are some people who are 100 or more pounds overweight. They are in imminent danger of death from heart attack, kidney problems, diabetes, or stroke. Many of them have tried every diet program known, and they have failed every one. For them, there may be only one solution: surgery.
The most promising methods narrow the stomach so that only a small amount of food can pass through. The surgeon employs a special stapling gun to shut off two thirds of the stomach. These procedures are risky. About one person in 100 dies from the operation, but the health risks of being so obese are probably greater.
Obese patients usually slim down by about 100 pounds because, after stomach-altering surgery, they can eat only tiny meals of ordinary foods. If they wolf down too much food, they have an instant feeling of fullness and loss of appetite.
But this drastic stomach stapling can be defeated. After surgery, one man I knew began to drink milk shakes by the gallon. The liquid easily went down the opening, and he gained back all his weight.
In another operation, the surgeon bypasses a part of the small intestine so that food is not absorbed. This, too, produces permanent weight loss. But the complications are serious: kidney stones, diarrhea, liver disease, arthritis, and infection. Few surgeons now use this method.
Other surgical methods either don’t work as well or carry greater risks. Wiring the jaw shut so that the patient can ingest only small amounts of liquid food causes massive weight loss, but the pounds come back once the wires are removed.

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