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Dostinex (Cabergoline)

The list of problems widely believed to be associated with the menopause makes lengthy and frightening reading. It really makes you wonder if there has been a fear campaign from interested parties to encourage women to take HRT. As you can see the list includes life-threatening problems like osteoporosis, as well as psychological disorders:
• hot flushes,
• night sweats,
• irritability,
• declining libido,
• osteoporosis,
• weight gain,
• vaginal dryness,
• ageing skin,
• changes in hair quality,
• headaches,
• mood swings including depression,
• lack of energy,
• joint pains.
The truth is that many of these so called ‘menopausal symptoms’ may have little to do with the menopause at all. Some are just a natural part of the ageing process and affect middle-aged men just as much as they affect women. Others may be related to particular events in our lives that have nothing to do with our hormones. The classic example of this is the ‘empty-nest’ syndrome which many women have to face up to in their late forties or early fifties when children leave home. This can be quite a crisis. You carry on worrying about your children, but you may no longer have daily contact with them. To try to explain away these powerful and legitimate feelings in terms of falling hormone levels is to dismiss many women’s important experience of motherhood. At this time in their lives many women are trying to cope with elderly parents too. It can be very stressful, far more stressful than looking after any number of young children. Few things are more depressing than having to watch a much-loved parent in the final stages of illness. It is quite wrong to blame all these emotional problems on the menopause. When you analyze it there are only a few symptoms that can be truly called menopausal. This is not to say that these symptoms are trivial. Some women suffer severely from them. Others sail through the menopause without any problems at all.

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