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Eurax (Crotamiton)

This simply means inflammation of the skin and is the term so often applied when it is impossible to be more definite in diagnosis. It goes through many different forms and it is very difficult to describe it in a general way. It may differ on the various areas of the body, and no two patients seem to show precisely the same symptoms. It is just as difficult to put one’s finger on specific causes of the trouble; in some it may follow indiscretions in eating; in others it seems to be related to nervous and emotional strains. In some it may be just a redness of the skin with very little discomfort; in others it appears to cause a good deal of discomfort. It may be accompanied by swelling of the tissues of the skin, and scales may form and gradually fall away. In some people it seems to come and go without making any great change in the skin itself.
Dermatitis should be regarded as a reaction of the skin to many different causes. It may be a manifestation of disorder of an internal organ, and is usually directly related to the alimentary tract. On the other hand it may be the result to some kind of drug treatment, and it is well known that contact with certain plants may produce a violent reaction of the skin. The use of X-rays and other powerful agents may cause such a reaction, and the important thing in treatment is to eliminate the irritating agent.
There are some who regard chilblains as due to a localized dermatitis following the reaction of a poor circulation subjected to intense cold. Certainly measures which improve the circulation are of the greatest help in this troublesome complaint.

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