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Benzac (Benzoyl peroxide)

So far we have not followed the usual medical idea of listing each skin complaint as a specific condition for which specific methods of treatment have to be applied. Rather, we have taken the view, common to Nature Cure, that the system is either functioning normally, as in health, or not, as in impaired health. This is particularly true in relation to the skin. The ideal to aim at is a healthy skin, because when that has been achieved we shall have normal functioning, which is the reverse of disease. It does not matter very much what particular form the departure from this condition may take; to return to full health is the point we need to have in mind.
But in order to give an idea of the various forms in which skin diseases may express themselves we give below a brief description of some of the commoner ones. No attempt will be made to cover them all in detail; the very fact that well over a hundred are dealt with in some of the larger text-books on the subject will show how difficult that would be from the standpoint of space -and how unnecessary it would be from the standpoint of Nature Cure.
This may sometimes form in the tissues of the skin but is generally a complication following acne, eczema, or some such condition.
An inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles usually found on the face, the neck and the shoulders. The eruption may go through several different stages, from that of a roughened skin to the actual pus spot which forms and bursts. Those who are interested in the details of these changes are able to classify the different kinds of changes which the disease may take in different patients, but there is no reason why we should, from our point of view, enter into any such a complication.
This is the term sometimes used to describe offensive perspiration. It may be the result of some bodily derangement, or, on the other hand, it may be the result of taking some kind of drug. Drugs are eliminated by way of the skin and may affect both the odour and the colour of the perspiration. Cases have been seen where it has been highly coloured, yellow, green, red, blue or purple.
Boils may form in the skin and the adjacent tissues. They are very painful conditions which should receive urgent attention, both locally and constitutionally. Careful regulation of the diet is required in all these cases.
These are similar to boils, except that they are more serious and are more upsetting in a general way. They involve the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles, and may exude pus from several openings. They require constitutional treatment.

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