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Freckles occur in early childhood, particularly in children of Celtic background with blond or red hair and blue eyes, and appear following sun exposure. It seems that ultraviolet A light, which penetrates even windows and most sunscreens, is the major cause of freckles.
Freckling is hereditary but needs ultraviolet light to become apparent. It is almost impossible to completely protect children from ultraviolet A light, as regular sunscreens do not completely block it out. Good ultraviolet A sunscreens contain benzophenone, dibenzoyl methane and titanium dioxide, for example, Ego SunSense Toddler Milk, Ego Sunsensitive, Clinique City Block and UV Low Allergenic Formula.
The only way to remove freckles is by chemical peeling of the skin, which should be done by a qualified medical practitioner. An acid called 35% Trichorecetic acid is applied to the skin, which removes the top layers, including the freckles. New skin, which has not been exposed to the sun, forms from the hair follicles. After chemical peeling people should conscientiously avoid sun exposure to avoid freckles re-appearing. Freckles cannot be removed by fading or bleaching creams which can be bought from chemists.

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