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Too many people think that the way to balance their diet is to add here and there some particular vitamin that they think may be missing. This is a very haphazard way of arranging the diet. It is far better to think in terms of food rather than vitamins, and by following a very simple rule one can be quite sure that there will be no deficiency. The rule is: balance the diet in the course of the three meals in the day, not at one meal. For example, let one meal be largely fruit, so that the essential elements in fruit are supplied; let another be mainly raw salad; and let the third be mainly cooked vegetables. In this way we make sure of the important alkaline foods. For the rest we may add chiefly milk or milk products to the fruit meal; starchy foods, such as bread and potatoes, to the salad meal; and meat, fish, cheese, eggs or other protein foods to the cooked vegetable meal. This arrangement of the diet has long been advocated by Nature Cure practitioners, and so far no one has been able to suggest a better one. It embraces all the different kinds of foods, gets them in their best combinations so as to ensure easy digestion, and makes sure, beyond any doubt, that lop-sidedness does not occur.
If one desires any further evidence of the relationship between a healthy skin and the digestive processes it may easily be demonstrated by the time-honored practice of fasting. Nothing will release the excess toxins that lie in and around the skin tissues so quickly as a few days’ abstinence from food. By taking the pressure off the digestive tract and enabling the “sea-water” to clear itself of its load the tone of the skin will be greatly improved. A heavy, fluid-laden skin is an indication of poor general health, but more particularly it is the sign of a dyspeptic individual who has taxed his digestion beyond its capacity, and never realized for a moment where the real source of his troubles lay. A brief fast will provide him with the diagnosis and the basis for successful treatment.

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