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Trivastal (Piribedil)

Varicose veins are very common and are hereditary. They often appear between the ages of twenty and thirty and usually get worse with age. They can also worsen following pregnancy and with prolonged standing. Compression stockings provide graduated compression (that is, more compression at the ankle level) and may help prevent the progression of varicose veins, whereas support pantyhose provide only haphazard, irregular compression (usually where it is not needed) and are of no benefit in varicose vein prevention. Compression stockings are essential for those with varicose veins and should be worn on a daily basis by people who have a tendency towards varicose veins or who are standing for long periods of time each day. They are also useful during pregnancy and for long airplane journeys. Mild compression stockings are very sheer and are available in many fashionable colours. These are good for everyday wear. During treatment for varicose veins and during pregnancy moderate compression stockings are recommended.
People traditionally associate treatment of varicose veins with extensive surgery, causing unsightly scars and prolonged convalescence. Nowadays, the trend in treatment is to perform limited surgery in addition to sclerotherapy (injection of the veins). While surgery is essential for veins which originate in the groin, others can be successfully treated with sclerotherapy as an outpatient procedure, causing minimal interference with a person’s normal lifestyle.
There are now also methods of identifying abnormal veins, by Doppler Ultrasound and Duplex scanning, which mean that surgery can be more accurately planned and only ‘faulty’ veins removed. As a result, surgery is less traumatic, there is less scarring and recovery is quicker.
Sclerotherapy is an excellent alternative to surgery for minor varicose veins, requiring no hospitalization and a good, long-term cosmetic result. Minor veins can also be removed by a ‘microsurgical’ technique, whereby the veins are removed through a micropuncture and extracted with a hook which resembles a crochet needle (called a Muller hook). This latter technique leaves only imperceptible scars.

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