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Exelon (Rivastigmine Capsules)

Hair loss, no matter what the cause, creates enormous stress and fear of complete baldness. Initial reactions often include avoiding hair washing, changing hair products and taking vitamin or zinc tablets, none of which are successful. In most situations, the hair loss is temporary and new hair will re-grow after a few months without any treatment.
If hair loss is caused by iron deficiency, a high iron diet and iron supplements should be taken. Red meat and liver are particularly good sources of iron and are better absorbed than vegetable sources or iron tablets. Vitamin С aids the absorption of iron, so it is wise to include foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes and raw green vegetables which contain high amounts of vitamin С in your diet.
Iron deficiency due to heavy menstrual losses may require gynecological treatment in the form of hormone therapy, curettage of the uterus or even hysterectomy in severe cases.
Although hair loss is usually only temporary, a topical preparation called Minoxidil can be used to slow down hair fall and stimulate new hair growth until normal growth returns.
People who experience genuine hair loss are generally frightened of dyeing or curling their hair, thinking this may aggravate the condition. On the contrary, it is often useful to have the hair gently dyed or permed to make it appear thicker. Over-conditioning should be avoided, however, as it can make the hair look limp and thin.

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