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Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)

This category is extremely important in triggering wheezing episodes. On many occasions I have been called out to see children with asthma only to have to fight my way through a cloud of cigarette smoke to reach them. An irritant atmosphere is deadly to a child’s lungs, and it amazes me that so many parents will subject their children to such torture. In fact I now carry round with me a small machine which analyses the amount of smoke in the air so I can show parents the high levels only one cigarette can produce.
Other pollutants that are harmful to the lungs include the smoke from coal fires, industrial smog, and car exhaust fumes.
‘When he catches a cold it goes straight on his chest.’ This is a frequent comment from parents and undoubtedly it occurs with certain types of infection. It is most important to distinguish viral infections from bacterial ones, as it is the former that produce the wheezing. The common cold is produced by a virus and this then irritates the airways, producing an asthma attack. Other infections, like tonsillitis, sinusitis, and pneumonia, are caused by different bugs called bacteria – but these for some reason do not irritate the chest. It is important to understand this as antibiotics will kill bacteria but not viruses. Antibiotics therefore have absolutely no part to play in the treatment of asthma and should not be looked upon as necessary or beneficial either by doctors or parents.

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