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Relafen (Nabumetone)

All the fat and cholesterol of eggs is present in the yolk, while the white contains high-quality, relatively cheap protein. Most recommended diets suggest limiting intake of whole eggs to three per week. You need not restrict your intake of egg white. Make omelettes and scrambled eggs for the family with three whole eggs and three extra whites. In baking you can reduce the number of yolks in many recipes, especially if the dough is well aerated. Replace each egg with two egg whites. In some countries, e.g. the U.S.A., egg substitutes containing almost no cholesterol are widely marketed. These contain egg white with vegetable oils.
Almost all vegetables, fruits and cereal products can be eaten without restriction. Vegetables provide many of the important items in a balanced diet – starch (as in potatoes), fibre, vitamin A (derived from green and yellow vegetables) and vitamin C. Vegetables contain varying amounts of protein; peas, lentils and beans, and especially soybean products, are useful protein foods. Leaf vegetables also give us a little polyunsaturated fat. Fruit is an important part of your prudent diet: oranges and grapefruit are rich sources of vitamin С and you should eat one or other each day, or use the juice. The whole fruit has the advantage of containing far more fibre (roughage) than the juice.
Lettuce, cabbage and broccoli have the additional value in a reducing diet that they provide very little food energy; the Calorie content is negligible. This is also true of tomatoes and carrots.
Grapefruit is a low-Calorie fruit, taken fresh or (for variety) baked and served hot.
Avocados contain a moderate amount of fat, chiefly of the neutral ‘mono’ variety. There is little saturated fat.
Most kinds of bread can be eaten freely (exceptions are egg and milk breads). There are only minor differences between white bread and most brown breads. But whole-meal bread is a good source of vegetable fibre. Matzos and crisp bread also contain very little fat. Muffins, too, are low in fat.
Other baked foods can contain a surprising amount of fat, up to 30 per cent in some kinds of biscuit. This fat is rich in saturated fatty acids in most commercially produced biscuits, cakes and pastries, especially when cream or coconut fat is used in dairy or non-dairy fillings and toppings. So bake these foods at home.

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