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Probalan (Probenecid)

Other names: Benemid
When you lift an object from the floor, you should be close j to the object. Try to start with the center of the weight about seven or eight inches from your body. Try to hold the object close to your body, not at arm’s length. Lifting with the arms held out puts higher amounts of stress on the back.
Try to lift with your legs and not your back. Using the strength of the legs helps to take some of the weight off the back muscles. These are easy but important ways to prevent back injuries when lifting.
The distance lifted should be no more than 12 to 13 inches for a weight above 86 pounds. If the weight is heavier, the distance lifted should be shorter. If the weight must be lifted higher, then assistance or a machine would be helpful. It is a good idea for work positions or loading platforms to be adaptable to the differing height and needs of the employees.
Try not to reach in order to lift objects higher than chest level. Lifting above chest level can cause much higher stress on the back muscles. If you must reach above your head to lift something, use a stool or ladder.
A weight of more than 86 pounds should be lifted carefully and no more frequently than every five minutes. This interval can’t always be controlled. When you must lift more often, be sure to follow all other guidelines to prevent injury.
Never twist your back when lifting. Twisting puts much more force on the back. If you have to turn, pivot with your feet.
Always be sure of your footing. A sudden change in foot placement or a trip can cause a high amount of force on the back.
If the object you are lifting is too heavy, have someone else help you or use a mechanical lever or machine.
Always use both hands when lifting; more force is put on the back when you lift using only one hand. Sudden lifting, such as jerking the object upward, also causes a great increase in the back pressures. Try to make your lifts smooth and gradual to lower the work load on your back.

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