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Medrol (Methylprednisolone)

Other names: Depo-Medrol
Individual Counseling
This is a one-on-one session with a therapist in which individual problem areas are addressed. The session may include specific help with alleviating depression, anxiety, or stress, along with several other problem areas.
Family Counseling
Back pain extends beyond the patient and can affect the entire family. It is often a good idea for family members to be involved in understanding your limitations and their possible impact on your family’s life-style. Family members can have the best of intentions, but, without specific guidance, they sometimes make things worse. Family meetings are a forum for helping everyone deal with the stress of your chronic back paid and disability.
John and Amee told of benefiting greatly from family counseling. “When John injured his back at work and began to have chronic back pain, our family life was almost destroyed,” Amee told us. “His anger and resentment of his condition reflected in the children’s behavior at school and at home. I was torn apart trying to make a living for all of us while keeping up the housework, taking care of the kids, and being compassionate toward John. We almost didn’t make it.”
After several months of family counseling, John and Amee were able to work out their new situation and balance the stress level in their relationship. The good news is that John reported at his last visit that “Everything is better than before.”
Group Counseling
There is no one who can better understand your pain than another person with chronic back pain. Group session allow for the sharing of feelings and the development of effective coping strategies. Sandra, a 50-year-old woman, found great support in group counseling. “I feel emotionally healthy now,” she said. “My group session meets every Monday night and allows me the opportunity to share my success and optimism with others. Of course, I also tell them about my bad days too! Somehow, my bad days always seem brighter after telling the persons in my group – they’ve had days like this as well.”
This give-and-take at group meetings is often the most productive way to revamp your thought processes.
Relaxation is an accepted form of managing stress. Many chronic back pain programs teach patients to relax in order to reduce their pain levels. This can be accomplished with progressive relaxation or with the use of a medical technique called biofeedback.
With biofeedback, you are connected to a machine that informs you and your therapist when you are physically relaxing your body. The tension in your muscles, the amount of sweat produced, or the measurement of finger temperature are all indicators. Any one or all of these readings can let the trained biofeedback therapist know whether you are learning to relax.
The skill of relaxing can then be used outside the therapist’s office when you encounter the day-to-day stresses of life. For practice of relaxation techniques, some therapists recommend relaxation tapes that can be listened to at home.

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