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Celebrex (Celecoxib)

Stay dry. Just as you should avoid oily soaps, don’t put oily lotions, tonics or creams on your hair or face. “Those things can lead to a buildup of oil in your • pores,” says Thomas D. Griffin, M.D., a dermatologist at the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. “You don’t want to do anything that can contribute to clogging.” When you buy a sunscreen, he says, look for one that says it’s “noncomedogenic,” which means it won’t form the follicle plugs that cause acne.
Watch your diet. Although scientific evidence indicates otherwise, dermatologists concede that people’s individual physiologies might make their skin sensitive to some foods, including anything from shellfish to milk to nuts. “Tn all the studies, we’ve never proven that foods have any effect,” says Dr. Ramsey. “If patients, however, say that certain foods cause them to develop acne, which they- often do, the majority of dermatologists will encourage them to avoid those foods,”
Stay healthy and fit. One of your most effective weapons against acne is staying in shape, which includes getting plenty of rest, eating a balanced diet and exercising. “All measures that are good for general health are good for the skin,” says Dr. Shalita.
Shave safe. For men with acne, shaving can present something of an obstacle course. “What I do personally is use one of the foaming cleansers, then put on shaving cream,” says Dr. Ramsey.
“If it’s painful to shave, you might go with an electric shaver rather than a razor. It won’t cut quite as close to the skin.” Dr. Shalita adds that antibacterial shaving creams are available by prescription.
Have patience. Acne, depending on its severity, can take weeks or months to heal, even under the care of a dermatologist. Be patient, and don’t squeeze or pick your pimples—you’ll only make them worse.

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