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Thorazine (Chlorpromazine)

Planning the diet means more than just including certain foods in the daily menu. There are many other factors that can influence the digestion, and these must be carefully considered before we get down to the selection of food. Among other things we have to think about overeating, eating too rapidly, eating when tired and taking food into the stomach when the digestion of a previous meal is still going on. When we are analyzing our daily habits these things are worth thinking about. It is not a matter of following rules like a rule of thumb; it is better to inculcate them into the general way of life.
We should have three mealtimes a day because this gives the stomach time to finish its processes. To eat between meals is plain folly like trying to do one job before the other is finished. This is often a mental rather than a physical habit, and certainly is not the call of hunger. Eating when tired is a bad habit, and is asking for trouble. Such a thing may set up indigestion that will hang on for many months unless it is carefully handled. Over-eating is not the bad habit today that it was many years ago. Still, it does exist, and must be eradicated as a habit that undermines the health of the system.
Rushing over a meal will often lead to trouble and is a matter of temperament more than anything else. Persons who practice this habit feel deep down in their consciousness that eating is not important and they begrudge the time that is given to it. This’ is a habit that has usually developed in early life and will take a good deal of patience to eradicate. But it must be overcome. Taking food quickly into the stomach without thoroughly chewing it and tasting is an act of sheer vandalism. Nature has added her exquisite flavours and aromas to foods to tempt the taste and smell so that they should be enjoyed leisurely and deliberately.
It is just as important, therefore, that we bear these points in mind as it is to get the proper food into the diet. If we are out of temper with the world and ourselves and rush our meals, the digestion is bound to suffer; and no matter how pure and suitable the food may be, a stomach that is upset will fail to make good use of it. Before any kind of food can be digested and assimilated the alimentary tract must be in the condition to accomplish it, so that point precedes the regulation of the diet.

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