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Uroxatral (Alfuzosin)

If you find it difficult to classify your headache in a way that helps to prevent them, try keeping a headache diary so that you can determine whether there is an underlying pattern to these headaches. The circumstances in which headaches arise may reveal that they are indeed diet-related.
You may be taking in too much alcohol, too much fat, too much sugar, or getting too little vitamin C or B12. No matter how good recreational drugs may make you feel in the short term, severe headaches may be just one of their side effects in the long term.
Consider your work situation:
Do certain personal relationships give you a headache?
Do you get headaches when you work at certain types of machines or equipment?
Do you get headaches in some but not other air-conditioned environments?
Do certain kinds of lighting give you headaches?
Do you work in environments of varying high or low fields of electromagnetic radiation?
Antidepressants have been known to cause headaches, along with processed meats, pickled products and, for some people, wheat. Weather can give rise to headaches in some people (e.g. still, close days), whereas others suffer headaches of dehydration. Some headaches are caused by painkillers, which means that by taking more of them, your headaches only get worse. While sex can sometimes cure a headache, vigorous sex, not unlike vigorous exercise, may also bring on a headache.
The point is that you can only alleviate the problem of headache by increasing your understanding of what gives rise to it. The pattern of headache onset may be easy or difficult to discern, but it is discernible. The cause of your daily headache could be as simple as an uncomfortable chair, or a desk that is too high or low, or even a cricked neck from holding your phone improperly. Become aware of the degree of muscle tension in your neck and do something about it when you recognise it.
Whatever you do, do not just complain and hope someone else will solve your headache problems. The next time you have a headache from hell, find out how it got there and then tell it exactly where it can go.

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