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Casodex (Bicalutamide)

One of the most dangerous classes of head pain arises from infection. Almost any infection may give rise to head pain, but sinusitis is one of the most common causes.
When the sinuses become blocked or infected, the pressure
inside them increases, causing pain towards the front of the head,
forehead and eyes. A simple but not foolproof test of whether your
head pain is due to sinusitis can be performed by lowering your
head between your knees to see if the pain increases.
Sinusitis may be caused, by exposure to contaminants in the air, as in the case of car or industrial fumes, or in the out-gassing of plastics, glues, synthetic carpet fibres and so on, observed in ‘sick building syndrome’. There are simple steps you can take to alleviate this problem.
Try not to have your desk near the photocopier at work, avoid jogging or cycling in heavily trafficked streets and make sure you get regular bouts of fresh air (as opposed to the air-conditioned variety). The key here is fresh air, as pollution can exacerbate or contribute to sinus problems.
Allergy may be another cause of infection leading to headache, as can bacterial infections accompanying colds or the flu virus. If you believe that your headaches may be caused by an allergy, there is much you can do to prevent the problem. Many people find that the elimination of dairy products from their diet may be helpful, as they tend to be mucus-producing, thereby contributing to blocked sinuses.
When allergies persist and give rise to accompanying headaches, seek the advice of an enlightened doctor and find out whether complementary therapies such as acupuncture or aromatherapy can help.
One form of infection associated with severe headache is meningitis, an inflammation of the tissues which surround the brain. Although meningitis occurs rarely, if not diagnosed quickly, it can rapidly lead to death, especially in children. In addition to the presence of a severe headache, one of the discriminating factors of meningitis is a stiff neck, accompanied by nausea or vomiting. If you suspect meningitis, call your doctor at once. If the sufferer finds it. impossible or extremely difficult to touch the chin to the chest, you have good reason to be suspicious, so do not delay in getting help.

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