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Hoodia (Hoodia)

Alfalfa has been dubbed “the great healer” by noted biologist and author Frank Bouer, who discovered that the green leaves of this remarkable legume contain eight essential enzymes. Also, for every 100 g., it contains 8,000 IU of vitamin A and 20,000 to 40,000 units of vitamin K, which protects against hemorrhaging and helps in blood clotting. It is additionally a fine source of vitamins B6 and E, and contains enough vitamin D, lime, and phosphorus to secure strong bones and teeth in growing children. Many doctors have used alfalfa in treating stomach ailments, gas pains, ulcerous conditions, and poor appetite because it contains vitamin U, which is also found in raw cabbage and cabbage juice. The latter has frequently been used as an aid in treating peptic ulcers. Alfalfa is also a good laxative and a natural diuretic.
Garlic contains potassium, phosphorus, a significant amount of В and С vitamins, as well as calcium and protein.
It does appear to have some amazing properties. Many medical authorities feel that it can reduce high blood pressure by either neutralizing the poisonous substances in the intestines or acting as a vasodilator. F.G. Piotrousky, of the University of Vienna, found that 40 percent of his hypertensive patients had substantial lower blood pressure after they were given garlic.
Garlic has also been found to be effective in cleansing the blood of excess glucose. [Blood sugar ranks with cholesterol as a causative factor in arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.] In addition, it has also been reported to alleviate grippe, sore throat, and bronchial congestion.
The best way to take garlic as a supplement is in the form of pearls. These caps contain the valuable garlic oils and leave no after-odour on the breath, because they do not dissolve in the stomach but in the lower digestive tract. Garlic tablets with parsley [which contains natural chlorophyll] are also available.
Chlorophyll, according to G.W. Rapp in the American Journal of Pharmacy, possesses positive antibacterial action. It also appears to act as a wound-healing agent, and, while stimulating the growth of new tissue, it reduces the hazard of bacterial contamination.
Nature’s deodorant, it is used in commercial air fresheners, as a topical body deodorant and as an oral breath refresher. It is available in tablets and in liquid preparations.
Yucca extract comes from the genus of trees and shrubs belonging to the Liliaceae family. [The Joshua tree is a yucca.] The Indians used the yucca for many purposes and revered it as a plant that guaranteed their health and survival. Dr. John W. Yale, a botanical biochemist, extracted the steroid saponin from the plant and used the extract in a tablet for the treatment of arthritis. The treatment proved safe and effective, the average dose being four tablets daily, and there was no gastrointestinal irritation. Yucca-extract tablets are nontoxic and available in most health-food and vitamin stores.

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