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Ashwafera (Rejuvenating Sexual Ability)

Zingiber officinale
Description: Grows from a rhizome underground which sends up green shoots in spring and a fragrant flower in summer. The root is the part of the plant used and it is dried and powdered or the oil is extracted.
Uses: Used for stomach disorders where there is no inflammation, motion sickness, menstruation pain, improving circulation and alcoholic gastritis.
Panax ginseng
Description: A perennial herb which is native to China, Manchuria and Korea. It has a fleshy ringed root that forks into two at the end and is usually gold or brown. The stem is simple and grows to 60 to 80 cm, bears three to five palmate leaves, yellow flowers and bright red berries.
Uses: In China ginseng was so highly valued that for thousands of years wars were fought for the possession of this herb. It is used to increase mental and physical efficiency and can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and suppress development of cancer cells, bolstering the immune system. Its action on the endocrine glands should increase vitamin and mineral utilization. It has also been used to treat masculine sexual potency.
Globe Artichoke
Cynara scolymus
Description: A member of the same family as the Scottish thistle, it looks something like a giant thistle, particularly when it flowers, producing a saucer-sized purple spiky bloom. The mature vegetable stands on a stem 1 to 1.5 meters with the purple green artichoke on top.
Uses: Usually eaten as a delicacy, this vegetable treats jaundice and liver insufficiency. As a heart stimulant, it is a prophylactic against arteriosclerosis and helps lower cholesterol.
Golden Seal
Hydrastis canadensis
Description: A native to Canada, golden seal is from the same family as buttercups. It grows on a single stem, has two leaves with several lobes and a spring flower which has three sepals, no petals and many stamens. It produces a red berry. The root is used.
Uses: It can be taken for stomach and menstrual disorders. It causes over-secretion of mucous membranes, especially the uterus and relieves sinusitis and catarrh. It is a powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial which can be used for many diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is used as very effective eyes wash and treats any inflammation of the eyes.

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