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Sterapred (Prednisone)

Other names: Meticorten
People are getting sick, in fact chronically ill, simply by eating the foods that they have been brought up to believe are good for them. As doctors continue to experience growing numbers of patients with a wide range of recurring symptoms, the medical fraternity will have to acknowledge the affect of diet on their patients’ health.
In England, recently, Professor Maurice Lessoff completed an inquiry into food allergies for the Royal College of Physicians. He said that such illnesses are common and should be taken seriously. He found that, often, people with genuine food allergies are wrongly told they have a psychological problem. How many people have been forced to lead miserable lives because narrow-minded doctors are unwilling to accept food allergy as a major cause of illness! This situation is extraordinary when you consider that 2400 years ago Hippocrates, the great Greek physician, said that the most important thing, of which a doctor should take note, is his patient’s food and drink and the effects of these things on his health.
The almost universal consumption of highly refined foods, in the West, has become a serious problem. Take-away foods eaten daily by many people are particularly dangerous as they have been processed, flavoured and tenderised with a sickening array of artificial substances. The problem is one of degree. The human body can withstand the onslaught of a considerable amount of the processed toxic rubbish, contained in the Western diet. However, there comes a time when it cannot continue to do so. It simply becomes overloaded and begins to break down. This may happen at any time in life — from childhood onwards and to any person who persists in eating the modern, universally processed Western foods. High fibre additives are not enough. These do not act as an antidote for all the manufactured foods and substances that are, literally, wearing out the body.

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