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Transderm Scop

From birth to death food is a dominant factor in our lives. In a single year, on a three-meal-a-day basis, most of us eat well over 1000 meals. We know that the food we eat is necessary for our very being – we know it provides the energy for the quiet breathing at night and the full activity of the day – we know too that it builds, maintains, and regulates muscles and bones, nerves and brain, eyes, hair, and all our physical being.
But food does much more than nourish, for most of us enjoy eating. Food makes us feel secure and happy; we use food as a link in our friendships, as an expression of pleasure during our holidays, and as a symbol of our religious life.
Food is the world’s biggest business. A large part of the world’s work is concerned with the growing, processing, and preparation of food. We spend an important amount of our income for food. In the United States and in other highly developed countries there is food in abundance and variety.
Most of the world’s people spend the greater part of their working days and most of their income for food. In some countries of the world three fourths or more of the working population is directly concerned with growing food; yet it seldom manages to grow quite enough. Tonight millions of the world’s people will go to bed more or less hungry. Is it any surprise that these people are discontented, diseased, and die an early death?
From this brief introduction you can see that good nutrition depends upon the understanding, knowledge, and cooperation of many people. Good nutrition alone cannot guarantee good health, but without good nutrition health cannot be at its best.

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