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Rogaine (Minoxidil Solution)

This is one of the most important nutrients for anyone who exercises, or wants to. It not only improves cardiovascular tone and circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen supplied to muscles and minimizes the accumulation of lactic acid that can cause muscle spasms, but it is also an excellent antioxidant. (When tissue oxygenation is increased by aerobic exercises, your need for antioxidants also increases.) Additionally, it can alleviate muscle cramps.
Wheat germ oil is one of the best natural sources, particularly because it also contains octacosanol. Other good dietary sources are soybeans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, whole wheat, whole-grain cereals, and eggs.
Vitamin E supplements are available in oil-base capsules, as well as water-dispersible dry tablets, and are supplied in strengths from 100 to 1,000 Ш. Though it is virtually nontoxic, it is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be stored in the body. Excessive doses are not recommended without consultation with a nutritionally oriented doctor.
City dwellers and people with chlorinated drinking water have a greater need for vitamin E, which enhances the effectiveness of vitamin A. When taken with 25 mcg. of selenium, vitamin E becomes more potent. Dosages should be increased (or decreased) gradually, and supplements should not be taken together with inorganic iron (ferrous sulphate), which can destroy vitamin E. (Take these at least eight hours apart.)

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