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Reminyl (Galantamine)

Each year in Australia doctors extract seventy thousand “products of conception” from their mothers’ uteruses by a device known as the vacuum curette. The killing of a foetus in this way is not considered a crime if the birth of a child will adversely affect the physical or mental health of its mother.
Infanticide, Morning After Pill, RU486, Septic Abortion, Threatened Abortion.
Home Remedies
Don’t even think about it. Present to a fertility clinic. Have a termination of pregnancy under the control of a qualified medical practitioner. Next time unprotected intercourse raises the specter of an unwanted pregnancy take the Morning After Pill. Taken within 72 hours of conception the Morning After Pill prevents pregnancy 90 per cent of the time. Try to avoid the whole issue. Go on the oral contraceptive pill at your earliest opportunity.
An abscess is a collection of pus surrounded by and including a bacterial infection. Pus producing micro organism called Staphylococcus Aureous are the cause of most abscesses. Boils and carbuncles are formed when rapidly reproducing Staphylococci take over a hair follicle. Even today the best treatment for a boil consists of incision and drainage. When a red, swollen, painful mass of suppuration, collects and comes to a head, this is the time to lance a boil.
Antiseptics, Drug Resistance, M.R.S.A., Staphylococcus Aureous.
Home Remedies
So called drawing ointments don’t work. Some authorities still recommend a hot poultice and elevation of the affected limb before incision and drainage. Incision with a sharp needle or a razor blade soaked in antiseptic is a simple and gratifying procedure. Prevention involves the eradication of Staphylococcus from the skin. Twenty minutes each day in the bath with a dilute antiseptic solution achieves this goal within two to three weeks. People who prefer to shower can use Physohex or Chlorhexidine solution instead of soap.

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