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Phoslo (Calcium Acetate)

- Do everything you can to avoid starting to smoke again after your operation. Just one cigarette can be enough to induce relapse. The shock of your operation can wear off after
- Set targets. Aim not to smoke for a specified period. Then keep extending it.
- Don’t forget to reward yourself when you successfully achieve your targets. Buy something you really want or have an outing you normally couldn’t afford.
- Identify situations which make you feel you want to smoke. Anticipate these situations. Plan how to handle them without becoming so stressed that you crave a cigarette.
- Learn relaxation techniques which will help you cope with difficult situations.
- People may encourage you to smoke. Learn to say no to them. Tell all your friends you have had to stop smoking for health reasons. If you live with someone who smokes, try to get them to stop. Ask them to smoke outside or only in one room in the house. This will help them cut down and make it easier for you.
- Remind yourself of what it would be like to have heart problems again. Imagine your lungs now getting clearer every day. Tell yourself that every cigarette you refuse will help to prolong your life.
- Remember, each time you say no, you get more control over your addiction.
- Record your progress. Put the cost of a packet of cigarettes in a jar each day.
- Join up with another patient or friend who is also trying to quit smoking. Support each other when temptations arise. Encourage persistence and congratulate each other when you achieve your targets.
- Don’t worry if you put on a bit of weight. Smoking is much more dangerous for your heart than being overweight. Kick the smoking habit first and then get rid of the extra weight.
- Try to get regular exercise. People sometimes smoke to avoid fatigue. Get fit. The fitter you are, the less you’ll need cigarettes. Exercise helps to control your weight.
- If you feel the urge to smoke, drink a glass of water or orange juice or chew gum.
- Nicotine patches may be a temporary substitute. Discuss their use with your doctor.
- If you do slip, don’t be discouraged. Relapse is common; resolve to try again!

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