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Mysoline (Primidone)

Though not an energizer by itself, vitamin С is essential for the formation of collagen, which is necessary for the growth and repair of body tissue, cells, blood vessels, and bones, and is a deterrent to energy-depleting stress and illness.
Because our bodies cannot synthesize vitamin C, it’s important that your diet include adequate amounts of citrus fruits, berries, green and leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cauliflower, and potatoes. As a supplement, vitamin С is available in just about every form a vitamin can take (pills, time-release tablets, syrups, powders, chewable wafers) and is available in tablet and capsule strengths up to 1,000 mg. (Powders go as high as 5,000 mg. per teaspoon.) The daily dosages usually range between 500 mg. and 4,000 mg. (4 grams). The best supplements are those that contain the complete vitamin С complex of bioflavonoids, hesperidins, and rutin, which are sometimes labeled citrus salts. (The only difference between natural or organic vitamin С and ordinary ascorbic acid is primarily the individual’s ability to digest it.) Because this is a water-soluble vitamin, toxicity is rare, though an excessive intake could cause oxalic-acid and uric-acid stone formation. (Taking magnesium, vitamin B&, and a sufficient amount of water daily can usually prevent this.) Mega-doses (over 10 g daily) could cause unpleasant side effects – diarrhea, excess urination, skin rashes. Cutting back the dosage (which should be done slowly) will eliminate these side effects. If you are taking more than 750 mg. daily, I suggest taking a magnesium supplement also. This is an effective deterrent against kidney stones.
Caution: Vitamin С should not be used by cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. Also, diabetics should be aware that vitamin С can alter results of urine tests for sugar, as well as other laboratory tests (particularly those to detect the presence of blood in stool). Before having any medical workups, inform your doctor if you are taking vitamin C. If you exercise in any urban area, be aware that carbon monoxide destroys vitamin C, so up your intake accordingly.
Also, if you’ve been taking aspirin to relieve the pain or inflammation of a workout injury, you should know that you’re tripling the excretion rate of your vitamin С – and replenishment is in order.

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