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Detrol (Tolterodine)

Imagine a new world, a world in which disease no longer kills or maims. Cancer is cured – even prevented before it invades and destroys body tissue. All bodily infections, from malaria to viral pneumonia, are eliminated or effectively treated. And every inherited disease, from Down syndrome to diabetes, is cured in the womb so that the individual is born healthy.
Imagine in that same world of the future that there is ample food to feed all people because crops also resist disease, grow under bad weather and soil conditions, and provide more nourishment than any of today’s fruits, vegetables, and grains. And those hardier, disease-resistant cows, chickens, and other livestock turn feed into milk or meat more effectively.
A science fiction tale? Not at all. We may be well on the way to such a remarkable world because scientists have a new tool – the science of genetic engineering. It enables scientists to uncover, rearrange, and make clones, or copies, of genes – the stuff that makes all living things what they are.

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