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Cystone (Uricare)

What Is Fitness?
Fitness, both emotional and physical, should be the goal of anyone who desires an energized and productive life. It is more than just the absence of disease. It’s a feeling of allover well-being that generates from good joint flexibility and muscular development, from healthy lung and heart stamina, and from the ability to exert reasonable stress on the body with positive invigorating results. It’s a creative energy that allows us to greet each day and its tasks with confidence and enthusiasm.
There are no diets or supplements that can take the place of exercise.
Inactivity is not conducive to fitness. Our hearts, lungs, muscles – in fact, all our organs – need exercise to keep them functioning at their best. There are no diets or supplements that can take the place of exercise, but when the right foods, supplements, and exercises are combined, the results are unbeatable!
Why You Need Energy
Energy is necessary for all bodily functions – even sleeping. Granted, more energy is needed for running a mile than for taking a nap, but it is essential for both. The more active you are the more energy you will have.
Energy comes from the burning up of calories that we get from food, and oxygen is the fuel that’s necessary to turn these calories into energy. In other words, no matter how well you eat, if your body’s not receiving sufficient oxygen, you’re not getting the benefits of energy.
The more active you are, the more stamina your oxygen-delivering systems will have – and the more active you can be.
How To Up Your Energy
• Exercise regularly.
• Avoid sugar-rich foods (a quick sugar high that elevates glucose levels is all too often followed by a period of low blood sugar and an even lower energy level).
• Don’t become overweight (carrying around excess body fat drains energy).
• Keep your diet high in complex carbohydrates – vegetables, fruits, grain products – and low in sugars and fats.
• Increase your fibre intake.
• Avoid sleeping pills (they change sleeping patterns and usually leave you feeling not rested the following day).
• Drink 6-10 glasses of water daily, especially during warm weather (dehydration causes fatigue and can be dangerous).
• Keep away from stimulants (caffeine, amphetamines, etc.; those roller-coaster ups and downs take heavy energy tolls).
• Try meditation, yoga, or biofeedback to minimize daily stress, which can be a real energy depleter

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