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Arcalion (Sulbutiamine)

The cause of bad breath has to be found before it can be treated. Causes range from poor oral hygiene, constipation, to sinusitis and bronchitis. When either mucous or pus builds up in the airways, it creates a foul smell. The most common causes of bad breath are poor oral hygiene and digestion.
If the source is the mouth then it is most likely to be the teeth. Proper brushing and flossing of the teeth will remove rotting food matter that becomes lodged. This rotting food not only can cause bad breath but also tooth decay.
Children are often unaware of the necessity for correct brushing technique and need to be trained and supervised, using dental floss and brushing. Plaque which builds up on the teeth houses bacteria that can also cause bad breath and increase tooth decay.
Herbs can help. If the problem is caused by the digestive system, the breath becomes worse when the stomach is empty. Supplement the diet with acidophilus and bifidus or eat acidophilus yoghurt which will help the growth of healthy friendly bacteria and balance gut flora.
A little chlorophyll or peppermint tea will also help freshen the breath and improve digestion. It is very important to drink plenty of fresh water daily. This will also aid digestion, help flush toxins from the body and promote good health. Charcoal tablets can help, as can Digestive Bitters if indigestion is the cause.
Bad breath may be the result of other problems including infected tonsils, adenoids, sinus congestion or bronchitis.
Acidophilus and bifidus 1 tablet just before meals
Each night chlorophyll as directed on the bottle

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