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Protonix (Pantoprazole)

Meal-times: The important rule is to reduce the size of your helpings, especially of bread and meat. Have two slices in place of three, or one in place of two. Don’t worry too much about the kinds of food you eat (apart from sugary ones which you must avoid); it’s the amount you need to concentrate on. Leave the table as soon as you have finished eating.
Between meals: Get to know your danger-times. Is it last thing at night? Or while watching television, or at the cinema? Does your willpower collapse when you walk past your usual sweet-shop? Try to avoid these trigger factors. Knowing about them in advance will put you on your guard. If you can’t, stay away from the biscuit tin and have a small helping of an allowed food from the following list.
Ultra-low-energy foods
Salad vegetables: carrots, cauliflower, celery, endive, cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, radishes, tomatoes
Mushroom salad
Pickled cucumber (not sweet-and-sour)
Tea, coffee, clear soup
Fresh or tinned asparagus (after all, you are saving money on sweets and liquor!)
Try to eat at home most of the time, especially during the early weeks of your diet. It is unfair to expose yourself to the temptations of dining out; and if you are dining at a friend’s home you may be embarrassed at having to refuse foods which your hostess has taken trouble to prepare. If you cannot avoid a social occasion, cut down on your food the day before and the day after.
At a restaurant, start with tomato juice or a fresh fruit juice; or have an unsweetened grapefruit or a consomme. Have a small helping of grilled fish or grilled steak, or a cottage-cheese salad, or chicken, veal or venison. Avoid all sauces and gravies, just have a green vegetable or a salad with a trace of dressing. End with a piece of fruit or a small piece of cheese.
When you go shopping plan your purchases before you set out. As an insurance against impulse buying, go shopping after a meal, not when you are hungry.
Try undertaking your weight reduction regime in a group. A husband and wife, a couple of friends or neighbors can support each other’s resolve.
Shun the ‘crank’ diets. Your diet must be one you can persist with; fad diets may lack important vitamins and minerals. On any restricted diet, you will lose weight fast during the first week (hence the brief success of so many diet fads): this is because you lose water as well as fat during the first few days of the diet. But your period of weight reduction is a time when you learn a correct eating pattern that will continue for life. You will miss out on this if you eat a crank diet to lose weight. Avoid repeated cycles of ‘crash’ dieting and weight gain; there is reason to think that this increases the risk of developing gallstones. Eating an unusually high proportion of any one foodstuff means you may be deficient in another. If the diet is very low in carbohydrate it will often become high in fat and cholesterol; this will tend to prevent your blood cholesterol from falling as it should on a reducing diet.
Canteen meals may not offer an adequate range of low-Calorie foods. You may be better off with a packed lunch.
Have a generous helping of green vegetables, carrots or tomatoes at least once a day, and eat a piece of citrus fruit daily. Not only are such foods filling but they provide necessary vitamins and roughage (fibre). If your reducing diet is likely to continue for two months or more, ask your doctor whether you should be taking a suitable vitamin preparation.
Becoming slim is its own reward, but as you succeed you will earn some other rewards too! Promise yourself an indulgence when you are half-way to your target, like a theatre, a football match, a brief vacation. A new suit or dress has the advantage of committing you to your new size, so this must await your arrival on target weight.

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