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Pro-banthine (Propantheline)

With so many people driving themselves daily to lose weight, it’s difficult to imagine that there are many others trying just as desperately to gain weight. In fact, putting on weight can often be more difficult than taking it off.
If you’re slightly underweight, but still look and feel great and have lots of vitality, you have nothing to worry about. But if you tire easily, are nervous or high strung, and often succumb to illness, you’re what is often referred to medically as the “asthenic” type – extremely frail and not physically fit.
If you’re planning a weight-gaining programme, don’t go for quick empty-calorie foods such as sweets, ice cream, cakes, and so forth. What your body needs are nutritious calorie-rich pound increasers, foods that will not only increase your weight but your energy as well.
Don’t start by scaring your stomach with too much food.
Gorging yourself with banana splits, milk shakes, or excessive amounts of any food is a bad way to begin. If you want success, you don’t want to scare your stomach with an onslaught it’s unprepared for. Easy-eating, high-calorie, high-nutrition meals and snacks are the way to go.
Some Great Put Ons
Avocados Just one gives you 334 calories and lots of nutrients. (Mash one into guacamole and enjoy it with 1/2 cup – 246 calories – of sour cream.)
Sweet potatoes You get 155 calories for the potato and an extra 100 if you top it with a tablespoon of butter, to say nothing of the 9,230 IU of vitamin A, and substantial amounts of vitamin C, potassium, and calcium.
Dates Snack on 10 a day and you’ll add 274 calories to your intake, while benefiting from 648 mg. of potassium, while helping to fill your daily requirement for calcium and magnesium.
Raisins Sprinkle them on salads and snack on them for fun because 1/2 cup adds 230 calories to your diet and supplies you with fine amounts of calcium and magnesium.
Cheese Top desserts with it, use it for snacks, make your own pizza and double up the cheese on it! Make lasagna with lots of whole milk ricotta – 1 cup has 428 calories and more than half your daily requirement of calcium.
Go nuts Roasted almonds have 984 calories a cup, peanuts have 836. (Just 6 macadamia nuts will add on 109 calories!) And don’t forget about pumpkin and sesame seeds, which can flesh you out per cup at 774 and 873 calories respectively. And best of all, they’re good for you!
• For liquids, go for juice instead of water. (Prune juice has 200 calories per 8 ounces.)
• Garnish vegetables with a dollop of sour cream or mayonnaise.
• Use honey or blackstrap molasses for sweeteners on breakfast cereals. (And don’t skip breakfast!)
• Relax with a late-night snack. A white-meat turkey sandwich, with mayonnaise, and a glass of milk will give you calories and the natural tranquillizer tryptophan.
• To improve your appetite, I’d recommend the following supplements:
• Vitamin В complex, 500-100 mg., taken with each meal
• Vitamin В12, 2,000 mcg. (time release), with breakfast
• An organic iron complex tablet (containing vitamin C, copper, liver, manganese, and zinc to help assimilate iron)
• Select an exercise that won’t overtire you, but will help you relieve tension. (See section 53 on yoga.) Just because you’re putting on weight, doesn’t mean it has to go to all the wrong places.

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