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Canasa (Mesalamine)

Other names: Asacol, Pentasa, Asacol
The Australian Medical Association is a political pressure group dominated by medical specialists. Occasionally the AMA takes up an issue from the point of view of patients. The anti-smoking campaign is a case in point. But this case is an exception rather than the rule. Primarily, the AMA concerns itself with the market place interests of private specialists. More recently – in the face of imminent nationalization – the AMA has devoted considerable energy to the struggle between general practitioners and the Federal Labor Government. Sometimes described as the “Painters and Doctors Association”, the AMA would have a better public profile if it were honest or its industrial wing were separated from those sub divisions that conduct the most laudable of altruistic activities.
AMA Recommended Fee, Medical Specialists, Medicare Rebate, Medicare Schedule Fee.
Home Remedies
Place a few dollars each week in a biscuit tin for medical emergencies. The provision of gap insurance by Medicare or alternative private insurance companies is forbidden by government decree.

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