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Micronase (Glyburide-Glibenclamide)

There are a number of options open to men who are going bald:
- Topical Minoxidil is useful, especially when combined with Retin-A. It is best to start using it when thinning begins, before complete baldness occurs. It is only effective while it is being used but becomes more effective over time.
- Hair transplantation has been available now for over thirty years. Early hair transplants looked extremely unnatural, but the technique has now been refined, producing a better aesthetic result.
- Scalp reduction is a useful technique for large bald areas, which can be reduced by cutting them out and sewing the scalp back together. It is still too early to say how effective scalp reduction is, although so far good results have been achieved.
- Hair pieces have never really taken off in Australia although toupees are very popular in both Europe and the United States. Hair pieces now look much more natural and are also more durable than they used to be.
- Hair fusion is a technique whereby hair is either glued or sewn (or melted if synthetic hair is used) to a person’s own hair. This creates the illusion of thicker hair and although it is an expensive process it does not have any side effects. As the hair grows out, however, the glue loses its effectiveness and the artificial hair becomes loose, so the process must be repeated every month or so in order to maintain the appearance of thicker hair.
- Hair integration is a custom-made network of hairs which is applied to the scalp. One’s own hair is tied to the meshwork to create a fuller appearance.
- Make-up can be applied to the bald spots on the scalp to decrease the colour contrast between the scalp and hair. This creates an optical illusion of thicker hair. These special make-ups, such as Hair Thickener and Mane, can be bought from the chemist.
- Hair styling can also create ‘thicker’ hair. Women do this with hair gels, hair sprays and perms. There is no reason why men cannot become expert in these grooming techniques.

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