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Lyrica (Pregabalin)

This type of hair loss can occur very rapidly, causing marked anxiety. It can occur for a number of reasons:
- Iron deficiency. This is common in women who have heavy periods. It can also occur during breast-feeding, as the newborn baby extracts iron from the mother’s milk. Iron deficiency can also occur in vegetarians and people on special diets. The best source of iron is red meat. Vegetable sources have iron but in a form which is poorly absorbed by the body. Iron tablets are not as well absorbed as iron from meat but are necessary if significant iron deficiency occurs.
- Oral contraceptive pills. Oral contraceptive pills which are high in progestogen often aggravate hair fall. This is due to their male hormone-like activity. On the other hand, pills high in oestrogen promote hair growth.
- Pregnancy. During pregnancy the hair grows more rapidly due to certain hormonal changes. After pregnancy, however, the hair falls out, beginning six weeks to three months after delivery. It can last for three or four months but will eventually stop. Breast-feeding can aggravate hair loss, especially if iron deficiency occurs.
- Severe illness. Any severe or prolonged illness can also lead to hair fall. This tends to occur six weeks to three months after the illness but the hair will eventually completely grow back to normal without treatment.
- Weight loss. Sudden or dramatic weight loss is one of the most common causes of hair loss. The body interprets weight loss as a state of starvation and tries to preserve protein by stopping hair and nail growth. Once the weight stabilizes the hair will re-grow. Weight loss can sometimes be complicated by vitamin or iron deficiency which requires replacement therapy.
- Stress. Stress can also cause temporary hair loss. Once the stress decreases, the hair will re-grow.

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