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Actos (Pioglitazone)

Check points
Are your strips in date? Are they the right ones for your meter? Have you calibrated your meter/biosensor for this particular batch of strips? Is your meter working properly? Have you followed up any error messages? Does it need a new battery?
Have you kept your strips dry and not too cold or too hot? (If you have left the top off the bottle, throw the strips away and start a new pot.) And make sure you put the top on firmly as soon as you have taken a strip out.
Is your equipment clean? Clean meters according to instructions, especially the window through which the strip is read. Biosensors need little cleaning and nothing but the test strip should be placed in the entry port. Is your finger-pricker clean? Change the lancet and platform every time if you wish, although most people reuse platforms if they are the only user. If you are caring for someone else, Glucolet II is a lancet designed to avoid needle-stick injury. Always change lancets and platforms every time if several people are using the same finger-pricker. This avoids transmission of blood-bourne diseases.
The future
Glucose sensors which can be implanted have been available for some time but are still in the experimental stage and tend to be too fragile for everyday use.
There are several meters on the market which have a memory and will hold a variable number of previous blood glucose results. It is likely that this type of meter will be used increasingly. Some meters download this information into a computer held at home or at the diabetes centre. This allows calculation of average blood glucose levels for different times of day, for example.

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