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Zocor (Simcard)

Other names: Simvastatin, Simvoget
Whereas a colonic irrigation is carried out by a trained operator, using special equipment, an enema is a simple exercise which can be carried out regularly at home. It involves an enema bag, a piece of rubber tubing and an anal syringe, or nozzle. The difference between a colonic irrigation and an enema is that, whereas the colonic irrigation will penetrate the full length of the colon to its beginning (the cecum), the enema will only reach some of the way. Therefore, the vital first half, where final absorption of nutrients takes place, is not benefited. Impaction may still occur along this section.
However, if the lower part of the colon, that is, the descending colon, sigmoid and rectum, are cleansed, when necessary, with an enema, the ascending and transverse colon will also benefit, indirectly. This is because a clean lower colon will hasten the passage of faeces from the upper colon, thus reducing opportunity for impaction and fermentation.
Food allergy sufferers often have an irritated bowel, whether they realize it or not. A regular enema can be extremely helpful in reducing irritation and removing sluggish, fermenting, allergenic matter. This helps to reduce symptoms and to free the system of overloading toxins.
The enema is a simple and extremely useful aid for allergy sufferers. Particularly because it costs nothing and can be done in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home. However, care should be taken to ensure that it is not done too often, so as to become habit forming.
It has been shown in this chapter that continuous ingestion of allergenic food can lead to chronic bowel problems, of which the victim may be semi-ignorant. The result is further toxic overload and likelihood of organic disease. A few years ago, at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, Dr William Hunter, talking on alimentary toxaemia, said:
The fact that chronic constipation might exist in certain individuals as an almost permanent condition, without apparently causing ill health, is due solely to the power and protective action of the liver. It is not evidence of the comparative harmlessness of constipation per se, but only an evidence that some individuals possess the cecum and the colon of an ox, with the liver of a pig, capable of doing any amount of detoxification.
Some ‘fortunate’ individuals can, indeed, abuse their bodies and get away with it for a long time. Others can’t. Often, the cumulative effects of food allergy can result in auto-intoxication from an inflamed and impacted bowel. Internal cleansing, with colonic irrigation and enemas, can be a useful part of the multi-faceted approach, needed to overcome food and chemical allergy illness.

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