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Micardis (Telmisartan)

At present only a minority follows the prudent diet, but the proportion of prudent eaters will probably grow steadily. Some, on grounds of age or for other reasons, will of course continue to follow a conventional diet. To permit individual choice it is proper that foods which contribute significantly to our fat intake should be labeled with the amount and the types of fat present. This has been one of the recommendations of the Sub-committee on Preventive Medicine of the House of Commons Expenditure Committee in the U.K., and of the Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs reporting to the U.S. Senate. In particular the content of saturated fat should be displayed, and preferably also that of unsaturated fat.
It is sad that a few food manufacturers choose to take a defensive stand on the subject of the prudent diet; this creates a polarization which is quite unnecessary. Above all, we believe that the prudent diet is no threat to the profitability of the food industry. Fortunately the farming, processing and marketing of foods are versatile, efficient undertakings. The suggested trends could readily be accommodated within the industry given adequate time. Improved longevity would lead to an increased demand for food and food products. Clearly, the basic goal should be to provide and to promote a range of alternative foods in addition to conventional ones. Finally it is worth reflecting that farmers, processors and retailers are also, like the rest of us, gravely at risk from coronary heart disease.

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