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Gemfibrozil (Metoprolol)

Other names: Lopressor, Toprol, Toprol XL, Lopid
Although it has not yet been conclusively proven, there is a great weight of evidence to suggest that acupuncture relates to the autonomic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system which controls involuntary reactions, such as breathing and digestion, and involves the continuous function of all major organs.
Dr James Reilly, who was Director of the Claude Bernard Hospital Laboratory in Paris, for over forty years, discovered that mild stimulation of the nervous system, by electrical means, was of great benefit in assisting the body to reject disease. He found that the nervous system, under conditions of disease and illness, needed to be ‘diverted’ from its tendency to aggravate a diseased condition. Once this happened, the pressure on the immune system was eased and the body began to recover.
It is conceivable that the needle effect of acupuncture may work in a similar way. The Chinese claim that the body’s immune system can be modified by acupuncture. In the treatment of malaria, for instance, in Chinese hospitals, needles are inserted a short time before the expected rigors. Following acupuncture, the rigors do not appear, and the malaria parasites disappear from the blood.
Acupuncture works, there is no doubt about that, to what degree depends upon the individual and the nature of the illness. It is highly recommended to all those suffering from allergy illness, to be used as a useful tool, rather than a panacea.

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