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Diovan (Valsartan)

What is the medium through which “empowerment” occurs? There is no point giving you an abstract noun (empowerment) and expecting that this, in itself, is the solution. As Wittgenstein, the famous philosopher, discovered, it is not the direct meaning of the word that is important, but the use to which the word is put. The reason that empowerment “takes” during rehabilitation is that we are ready for it and, furthermore, there is an ideal context in which to use it. This context has two components: the first is graded activity; the second is the structured nature of the activity. Given the cardiac event that has occurred, it is necessary to have professional direction as to what structured activity we are able to do. It is for this reason that the ideal setting initially is a supervised one. Traditionally, such supervision involves direct observation, such as at a rehabilitation research center in a hospital or freestanding dedicated facility. Recent research has shown that rehabilitation “at home” with regular if infrequent phone calls from a rehab “case worker” can be just as effective in maintaining an exercise regimen and heart-healthy habits. In our opinion, most patients find it difficult to adhere to a program “at a distance.” The incentive that comes with regular, scheduled attendance at a clinic, and the social contact and support that come from participating in group activities more than compensate for the inconvenience of the travel involved.
The success of rehabilitation programs is attested to by the recent increases in the number of programs available. The importance of the key ingredients of education, supervised individualized exercise programs and, finally, the social contacts afforded should not be underestimated. Structured activity is a prescribed component of the programs and, as the activity is performed and goals are reached, mastery occurs. We discussed how, during the reaction phase, low mood is associated with not being able to do things. This is a natural relationship. When things are “on top” of you, you feel down. When you feel “on top of the world,” this means that you are happy. With mastery comes the sense of accomplishment that can put you there.

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