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Digitek (Digoxin)

Other names: Lanoxin
In addition to stimulating organs to regain function, acupuncture has also been found useful in the direct control of pain, and other symptoms, arising from allergy illness. Whilst care must be taken to ensure that relief of the symptom, or symptoms, does not distract focus from the underlying cause, acupuncture treatment can, nevertheless, be an effective palliative. Common allergy symptoms such as back pains, asthma, respiratory infections, constipation, eczema, limb pains, headaches, hypertension, catarrh and tinnitus are examples of symptoms that can be relieved, or reduced, by the regular application of acupuncture.
The major benefit to be derived, as mentioned earlier, is the toning-up effect that acupuncture can have on the major organs. After years of labouring in an overloaded, toxic body, the major organs, particularly the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine, become weakened and suffer impaired function. In conjunction with dietary control, acupuncture can be extremely beneficial in stimulating these organs to commence the recovery process.
In my own case, Dr Kenyon selected the acupuncture points of liver three, stomach thirty-six, liver eleven and triple warmer ten. On my arrival back in Australia, I consulted an acupuncturist (who is also a medical doctor) and underwent an initial course of ten weekly treatments, followed by a booster every few weeks. I have since had further weekly treatments intermittently. The beneficial effect of these treatments over a period of time, has been significant, and I recommend all allergy sufferers to consult a qualified acupuncturists as part of their plan to overcome their illness, and recover their zest for living.
It is necessary, and important, to persevere with acupuncture over a period of time. Some extremely sensitive people such as myself, may appear initially to suffer adverse reactions. These may show in the form of fatigue, dizziness and, perhaps, nausea after the first few treatments. Do not be alarmed. Wait in the acupuncturist’s office until the symptoms have disappeared, and then go home to rest. Rest is important after an acupuncture treatment if you are to receive maximum benefit. Reactions, such as these, are positive and indicate that organs are being goaded into action by the stimulation process. You will find after a few visits, that these after-effects will disappear and will be replaced by a sense of well being, which can often last for some time.
It must be clear, however, that acupuncture is not, in itself, a cure. It is a valuable aid in the rebuilding of the immune system, and the recovery of one’s general health. It is part of the multi-faceted approach necessary to overcome a multiple allergy condition successfully. Prime consideration, of course, must always be given to identifying the offending allergens and removing them from diet and environment.

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