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Crestor (Rosuvastatin)

Fat people often blame their obesity on their glands. Rarely, this is perfectly true. Now that, we can readily measure the minute amounts of hormones in a blood or urine sample it is easy to test for this possibility. Even without such tests doctors are often able to recognize glandular disorders at the bedside. An excess of hormones such as insulin or Cortisol can produce potentially curable obesity; so can lack of thyroid hormone. Correction of an underlying hormone abnormality will then be of benefit in many ways. But such causes are present in only a tiny minority of obese people.
A sports commentator in his late forties had fought a losing battle with his obesity, despite visits to health farms and brief encounters with many kinds of reducing diet. He had been treated for high blood cholesterol. He also complained of difficulties with his work; he tended to become hoarse while broadcasting. His examination suggested a lack of thyroid hormone; this was borne out by blood tests. His treatment is now a small dose of thyroid hormone each day, and he was for a few weeks on a reducing diet. He is now only slightly obese and seems able to eat quite normally without gaining weight. It is possible, too, that at least some of us can compensate for a small surplus or lack of food energy (i.e. of Calories). Dr Torun m Guatemala has shown that undernourished people react to lack of food by changes in behaviour. They conserve energy by cutting down on their activities – for example, they sleep more curing the day and work more slowly.

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