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Cordarone (Amiodarone)

Before starting any diet, check with your physician. If you don’t feel that your family doctor understands your dieting needs, contact a bariatrician, who specializes in the field.
If you’re on a low- or no-carbohydrate diet, beware of artificially sweetened “sugarless” or “dietic” gum or candy that has sorbitols, mannitols, or hexitols. These ingredients are metabolized in the system as carbohydrates, only more slowly.
If you’re on a diet that allows alcohol, a glass of wine before dinner stimulates the gastric juices and aids in proper digestion.
Watch out for such diet fallacies as:
Gelatin dessert is nonfattening.
Grapefruit causes you to lose weight.
Fruits have no calories.
High-protein foods have no calories.
A pound of steak is not as fattening as a potato.
Toast has much fewer calories than bread.
Whatever you’re eating, sit down to eat it, and eat it slowly. [You might expend more calories standing than sitting, but you tend to eat more that way, too.]
When selecting fruit, remember that all fruits are not equal, than an apple, a banana, or a pear has more calories and carbohydrates than half a melon, a cup of raw strawberries, or a fresh tangerine.
When choosing your vegetable, take green beans instead of peas [you save 41 calories on a half-cup serving], spinach instead of mixed vegetables [you save 35 calories], and mashed potatoes – if you must – instead of fried potatoes [you save 139 calories].
Carbohydrate watchers, don’t underestimate onions; one cup of cooked onions has 18g.
If you’re counting every calorie, realize that 1 tablespoon of lecithin granules contains 50 calories and a lecithin capsule about 8.
Try a one-day-a-week fast [the ancient Greeks did it]. Limit yourself to cold tap water [not iced] or herb tea with lemon or lime juice. Nothing else. This should pep you up, too.

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