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Cardizem (Diltiazem)

Other names: Diltiazem, Tiazac, Cartia, Dilacor, Diltia
People who have impaired enzyme production can gain great benefit from taking enzyme supplements with each meal. This situation could certainly apply to sufferers of food allergy illnesses.
It is possible to obtain several different brands of both pancreatic and intestinal enzymes, however, I would recommend the Bioglan brand as being one of the best available in Australia. This company produces several excellent combinations, in a low allergy base. Allergy sufferers must always be aware that many nutritional supplements contain a yeast base, whilst others have sugars, milk derivatives, wheat starch, artificial additives, etc., which, if taken, will only exacerbate their problems, instead of helping them. The two products most suitable are Active-zyme formula, which contains both pancreatic and intestinal enzymes, and Panazyme 4NF which are pancreatic enzymes.
As has been shown in previous chapters, it is probable that people with food allergy problems have a poor pancreatic output of sodium bicarbonate. Because of this, the pancreatic enzymes are unable to function properly, resulting in partially digested peptides (amino acid combinations), being absorbed into the bloodstream where they induce further allergy reactions. It is important, therefore, to take sodium bicarbonate in conjunction with enzyme supplements. The procedure for taking enzyme supplements is as follows:
If enteric-coated, enzymes should be taken before the meal. Products which are not enteric-coated, should be taken towards the end of the meal. If taking Panazyme, or Active-zyme, two tablets should be taken with each meal.
Thirty minutes after the meal, two teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate should be taken in a glass of water. This will create an alkaline environment in the duodenum and, thus, allow pancreatic enzymes to function efficiently.

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