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Bystolic (Nebivolol)

Other names: Nebilet
The principles of reflexology are similar to those of both acupuncture and Shiatsu, inasmuch as all three are based on the principle that internal disorders can be corrected by external stimulation. Reflexology differs from the others in that it involves only the feet or hands.
It has been confirmed, by scientific tests in recent years, that internal disorders do, indeed, manifest themselves on the body surfaces in the form of lumps, rashes and muscular tenderness. These symptoms are not, necessarily, located immediately adjacent to the malfunctioning organ, and it seems, in a great number of cases, the reverse is true.
Reflexologists look mainly to the feet for both diagnosis and treatment, and have long since come to associate certain areas of the foot (mainly on the sole) with specific organs. Hence, if the small intestine is in trouble it reflects in soreness in the arch region of the sole, or, if the lungs are a problem, the top of the foot immediately above the toes will be tender, and so on. By therapeutic massage and pressure, applied to the tender area, a corresponding beneficial effect will be conveyed to the damaged organ. Here again, it seems that the autonomic nervous system is stimulated to cease ‘attacking’ the organ, or bodily system, at fault, thus making it easier for the body to operate its own healing mechanisms effectively.
Any form of natural healing method, which is designed to assist the body’s own healing mechanism, must be of benefit to allergy sufferers. Remember, an ongoing allergy condition can damage the cells and internal organs, causing further allergies and other illness. The resultant clogging of both blood and lymph systems with toxic matter, places the major organs under continual stress and causes them to start wearing out.
Reflexology has been found to be of particular benefit to the lymphatic system, the kidneys, the liver, and the digestive system. It is probably complementary to acupuncture, and may be considered as an additional source of assistance to allergy sufferers, during a planned recovery programme.

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