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Benicar (Olmesartan)

Other names: Benicor
An allergy is the body’s reaction to a certain substance that is foreign. The substance that triggers an allergic reaction in a sensitive person is called ‘an allergen’. This could be found in pollen, dust, hair, fur, an insect bite or sting, certain foods, medications, plants, and other sources. Food allergies in children are common. Babies and children may be allergic to cow’s milk or dairy products. If this is the case then try substituting goat’s milk or soy milk. Conditions including asthma and eczema are often the result of an allergic response to allergens in the air or to foods and/or chemicals. Avoid foods containing sulphite, amine and salicylate which can cause allergies and may need to be restricted in the diet. If this is the case then remove these foods group by group.
Establish the level of the food group by avoiding eating any me foods listed under any one of the food groups known as salicylate, amine or sulphite for a period of 5 weeks. You may now add these foods to the diet but this must only be done one food at a time. If the food causes any problems or a recurrence of symptoms then discontinue this food for three months before trying again.

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