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Atenolol (Tenormin)

You may feel that when you eat hot food such as chili, mustard or peppers that they are not good for you. These foods indeed can and do give a burning sensation to the mucous membranes in your mouth and because these foods are so ‘HOT’ many of us just can’t eat them.
Hot foods they may be but chilies can help you lose weight! Yes, the latest studies using chili, mustard seeds and spices showed that weight loss can be increased by as much as 25 per cent when these spices are added to a calorie controlled diet. Chilies, or cayenne pepper, as they are more commonly known, have been used as a remedy for intestinal wind and poor digestion for hundreds of years and today they are still included in many people’s diet in order to obtain these benefits.
Scientists now believe that two of the chemicals found in cayenne could increase weight loss by their action upon the thyroid hormone. A study carried out at the University of Tasmania found that the metabolic rate of 4 out of 6 people was increased after one meal which contained one tablespoon of tabasco.
If being overweight is your problem, then add a little of the ‘hot stuff’ to your meals either by sprinkling it on or adding it when cooking. Cayenne pepper can be bought from your health food store in bulk and it is not expensive; however it is hot, so only use a little at first and build up to about a quarter of a teaspoon at each meal. This should do the trick.
If you can’t stand the heat, then take an empty capsule and fill it with 300mg of cayenne pepper. You should then take one with each meal. Sometimes hot spicy foods can upset the stomach and if this is the case then reduce the amount or discontinue their use.
Remember, if you are serious about weight loss then don’t eat junk foods. Chocolate, sausage rolls and milk shakes as part of the daily diet will still put on weight even if you do add chili. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and include whole grains, lean meat and low fat dairy products in your diet. This, in conjunction with chilies, will not only help you maintain your correct weight but keep you a lot more healthy.
Drink more water to help the body to be flushed of toxins. Also water is a food appetite suppressant. Six to eight glasses per day are needed for good health.
Exercise is also very important as during exercise the metabolic rate increases and you will burn up kilojoules more quickly, resulting in a reduction in weight and a healthier you.

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