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Veetids (Penicillin)

Food is that which nourishes the body. No two foods are alike in their ability to nourish, because no two foods contain identical amounts of nutrients.
Nutrients are those 50 or more chemical substances in food that are needed by the body. They are divided into six classes: proteins and amino acids; fats and fatty acids; carbohydrates; mineral elements; vitamins; and water.
Nutrition refers to the processes in the body for making use of food. It includes eating the correct kinds and amounts of foods for the body’s needs; digestion of foods so that the body can use the nutrients; absorption of the nutrients into the bloodstream; use of the individual nutrients by the cells in the body for the production of energy, the maintenance and growth of cells, tissues, and organs; and elimination of wastes.
Nutritional care is the application of the art and science of nutrition to the feeding of people. It deals with the assessment of nutritional status; the planning of meals according to physiologic and psychological needs at any stage in the life cycle; the implementation of the plan through the preparation and service of meals; the education that is necessary so that individuals may apply the principles of nutrition to their daily needs; and the continuous evaluation so that changes can be made as situations require. Nutritional care is personalized for each individual, but the concepts of nutritional care also involve everyone in a group situation.

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