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Rulide (Roxithromycin)

Linoleic acid on its own has relatively little biological activity. For most of its uses it has to be converted in the body to other things which are biologically active.
In order for linoleic acid to be converted to the next stage, gammalinolenic acid (GLA), a particular enzyme is needed which is called delta-6-desaturase. However, there are many things which can slow down or prevent linoleic acid from being converted to GLA. This can happen either because the key enzyme is defective, or the enzyme’s action is inhibited, or because the linoleic acid is in a form which cannot be converted at all.
These are the most common agents which block GLA formation:
• Foods rich in saturated fat
• Foods rich in cholesterol
• Foods rich in trans fatty acids
• Alcohol, in moderate to large amounts
• Diabetes (too little insulin)
• Too much sugar
• Stress hormones (the catecholamines such as adrenaline)
• Ageing
• Zinc deficiency
• Viral infections
• Radiation
• Cancer
• Atopic conditions
With so many blocking agents it’s not surprising that people living in the western world may not be metabolizing essential fatty acids properly, even though they may be eating plenty of them.
All these blocking agents inhibit the step between linoleic acid and GLA. Evening primrose oil avoids all these blocking agents by starting at the next stage in the metabolic pathway. So evening primrose ой, by being rich in GLA, guarantees a good intake of essential fatty acids even in those people who have impediments to the metabolism of linoleic acid.

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