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Keflex (Cephalexin)

Other names: Keftab, Biocef
Water soluble, one of the newer members of the B-complex family.
Usually measured in milligrams [mg.].
Can be synthesized in the body.
No RDA has yet been established.
Helps form folic acid and is important in the utilization of protein.
Has important sun-screening properties.
Helps in the assimilation – and therefore the effectiveness – of pantothenic acid.
In experiments with animals, it has worked with pantothenic acid to restore grey hair to its natural colour.
What It Can Do For You:
Used as an ointment it can protect against sunburn.
Reduce the pain of burns.
Keep skin healthy and smooth.
Help in delaying wrinkles.
Help to restore natural colour to your hair.
Deficiency Disease:
Best Natural Sources:
Liver, brewer’s yeast, kidney, whole grains, rice, bran, wheat germ and molasses.
30 to 100 mg. are often included in good B-complex capsules as well as high-quality multi-vitamins.
Available in 30 to 1,000-mg strengths in regular and time-release form.
Doses most often used are 30 to 100 mg. three times a day.
No known toxic effects, but long-term programmes of high dosages are not recommended.
Symptoms that might indicate an oversupply of PABA are usually nausea and vomiting.
Water, sulphur, drugs, food-processing techniques, alcohol, oestrogen.
Personal Advice:
Some people claim that the combination of folic acid and PABA has returned their greying hair to its natural colour. It has worked on animals, so it is certainly worth a try for anyone looking for an alternative to hair dye. For this purpose, 1,000 mg. [time release] daily for six days a week is a viable regimen.
If you tend to burn easily in the sun, use PABA as a protective ointment.
Many Hollywood celebrities I know use PABA to prevent wrinkles. It doesn’t eliminate them, but it certainly seems to keep them at bay for some people.
If you are taking penicillin, or any sulpha drug, your PABA intake should be increased through natural foods or supplements.
Vitamin T
There is very little known about this vitamin, except that it helps in blood coagulation and the forming of platelets. Because of these attributes it is important in warding off certain forms of anemia and hemophilia. No RDA has been established, and there are no supplements for the public on the market. It is found in sesame seeds and egg yolks, and there is no known toxicity.
Vitamin U
Even less is known about vitamin U than vitamin T. It is reputed to play an important role in healing ulcers, but medical opinions vary on this. It is found in raw cabbage and no known toxicity exists.

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